About Seeds of Inspiration

“Seeds of Inspiration” is the pioneer in the industry of motivational speaking, training, assessments, counselling, team building and can even provide you with a unique MC for your event. We cater for corporate companies, institutions and schools.

We are driven to help individuals unlock their potential, inspire them and assist them to understand themselves and others better. Our company is also dedicated to assist families, businesses, ministries and schools to reach new motivational heights not only on a personal, but also on a vocational level by teaching them about human interaction and behaviour.

The various forms of training which our company provides, develops motivation, personal and group encouragement, recognition and effective communication skills which can produce lasting rewards and long term results. “Seeds of Inspiration” assists employees in discovering their unique qualities, what drives them as individuals as well as developing these characteristics in order to exploit them in the future.

Our training also provides an important foundation for the development of work and project teams. Through our extensive range of training opportunities, you will find an effective and effortless way of increasing and sustaining the motivational levels of your staff, learn how to improve individual communication and reduce or solve conflict effectively.

Effective management releases potential and helps to achieve sustainable results. The performance of any company or organisation relies greatly on its competency and the emotional wellbeing of all employees. “Seeds of Inspiration” provides business tools that will assist companies to effectively inspire their people to become highly motivated and productive individuals.

Our company is valued by our customers for its integrity, transparency and reliability.
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