The Popular Yellow/Powerful Red Blend

This is a common personality combination as both these blends share complimentary traits that make them a logical blend. Both are outgoing, optimistic and energised people.  

The combination of these traits makes both the Popular Yellow and Powerful Red natural leaders. They are comfortable, being out in front (and often uncomfortable tuck behind the scenes) and people just naturally tend to follow them. While having 
leadership abilities is a positive, they need to be careful not to overpower those around them. 

A person with this combination of traits is upbeat and energetic, combining the fun-loving charming nature of the Popular Yellow and the drive of the Powerful Red. The Popular Yellow side tones down the intensity of the Powerful Red side. These two 
temperaments are often referred to as the "Energizer Bunnies". They have the ability to just keep going. 

This is a good quality, but this temperament blend must be careful when dealing with other temperament blends not to overwhelm them. For the other temperament blend it can be tiring just to be in their presence. They are often asked whether they have ADHD as it is semi-impossible for them to sit still.

This blend loves to be around people and also like to manage people as they are extroverts. There is often confusion about which of these two is the primary temperament, since one of these temperaments also likes to be alone. 

The Powerful Red temperament is driven by taking control over other people and to take the lead. Their energy levels stop along with the activities. It is evident that the person with the Popular Yellow temperament is more relationship orientated and the 
Powerful Red temperament more task-oriented.

The Powerful Red/Perfect Blue Blend

The common denominator of this temperament blend is the fact that they are task orientated. 

This combination of temperaments is organised, purposeful and determined. If you want something done, it is this combination that will naturally outshine the rest. Since this combination is task orientated, they must be careful not to lose sight of maintaining good relationships. 

People are more important than paper and goals to be achieved. Be careful to not constantly control and enforce your standards on others. Make room for differences and be “gracious.” Both of these temperaments are task orientated and organised. 

This can cause confusion in determining the dominant temperament. To distinguish between the two temperaments, the question how and why should be asked in order to determine whether the person has a dominant Blue or Red temperament. The Powerful Red temperament has the natural ability to make quick decisions and to implement workable plans that is feasible for the desired results. Things must usually be done immediately and urgently. In order to get immediate results they know what to do and when to do it. Oppose to the aforesaid the Perfect Blue temperament plan for peace of mind. The Perfect Blue temperament has a tendency to take their time to make decisions and make use of detailed lists to organise their lives. 

Another way to determine whether this combination has a predominantly Powerful Red or Perfect Blue temperament is to see if the person is an extrovert or introvert. If the person likes to take the lead and be the centre of attention that person’s primary temperament is probably Powerful Red. If the person prefers not to be the centre of attention their primary temperament is probably Perfect Blue.

The Perfect Blue/Peaceful Green Blend

This is another logical combination often found in people. Both Perfect Blue and Peaceful Green tend to be introverted, pessimistic or realistic and are energised by solitude. Each prefers to work behind the scenes and avoid the spotlight. These are the ones who like to analyse what’s happening in life. For this reason, they tend to be deeper than the other personalities. A person with this combination is someone who is likable and accomplishes what needs to be done. The Peaceful Green tones down what is often perceived as the pernickety nature of the Perfect Blue and the Perfect Blue’s focus on tasks keeps the Peaceful Green moving.

This temperament blend is calmer and less demanding. They are generally more popular than the Yellow/Red who acts naturally in a more dominant manner.

The Peaceful Green tends to show the Perfect Blue realities in a peaceful way when it comes to unnecessary high standards. The Perfect Blue helps the Peaceful Green to stay focused and to complete tasks. 

The Peaceful Green temperament is naturally loved and accepted by the other temperaments. This temperament blend finds joy in helping others. The Peaceful Green in them makes them pleasant to be around while the Perfect Blue in them makes them effective and productive.

This combination blend should be careful that they do not become too calm. If this combination acts within their natural qualities they will accomplish a lot without offending others.

The Peaceful Green/Popular Yellow Blend

While the Powerful Red and Perfect Blue combination is the corporate favourite’s person, the Peaceful Green and Popular Yellow is everyone’s favourite person.  

People who have this personality combination have the easy going nature of the Peaceful Green and the energy and excitement of the Popular Yellow.  

Because they have the “play” and “people” elements in common, they are usually witty and fun to be with and they seldom push for their way.

People with this combination are over all not goal-oriented. They will probably never be CEO of a major corporation, but they do not care. In fact, they cannot comprehend why anyone would want that much stress. They are so universally liked, that others want to help them. 

In fact, those with this combination often get ahead in life beyond the success of the Powerful Red/Perfect Blue, because people want to open doors for them.

You will know if a person is more Peaceful Green or more Popular Yellow based on whether they are more outgoing or more introverted. These combinations tend to focus on people and play and often let projects go unfinished. The Popular Yellow part in them starts projects with great enthusiasm, but the peaceful Green can then step in easily setting the project aside and never getting back to it.

The Peaceful Green/Powerful Red Blend

A Peaceful Green wearing a Powerful Red mask is more likely to be a male than a female, although it could be either. This masking usually occurs when a Powerful Red authority figure tries to “mould” you into what they want you to be. For instance forcing a Peaceful Green son to become more “manly”. Though the father often means to be encouraging, in reality he is conveying to the child that the son is not acceptable as he is. And so, the son tries to be what Dad wants him to be.

Another instance of such masking can take place when a Peaceful Green has to take on the role of being the authority figure at a young age. Being “forced” to become a Powerful Red in order to fulfill the duties expected of him/her.

Once you recognise who you really are, you will feel liberated and you can then become who you truly are instead of trying to be someone that you are not.

The Perfect Blue/Popular Yellow Blend

A Perfect Blue person who think they are Popular Yellow put on a mask of being a clown. They think that being funny will bring them popularity so when testing, the will check both strengths & weaknesses of Perfect Blue but seem to only have the strengths of the Popular Yellow.

They general in this instance try to mask a bad or painful situation. This can also be an insecurity that arises from youth for instance if the Perfect Blue has a Popular Yellow as a sibling. This can cause the Perfect Blue to act more like the sibling because the sibling gets more attention. People who generally tell you to “lighten up” or encourage you to be more like your sibling can trigger this mask.

When this person becomes older, people pick up that this a mask and generally cannot connect with them.

The Popular Yellow mask of a clown is used to hide pain. If life at home is a mess, the Perfect Blue wants to separate himself or herself from the chaos and pretend it doesn’t matter. In this case the Perfect Blue’s secondary Personality is usually the Powerful Red, as he or she has the strength and drive to try to fix the problem.

If you appear to have this Popular Yellow/Perfect Blue Personality, usually the only thing you need to do is to accept and embrace the Perfect Blue that you are while maintaining some of the strengths you acquired when you were trying to be a Popular Yellow. Once you feel free to be your Perfect Blue self, you will find that you feel more comfortable in your skin and that others are more comfortable around you.
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