Teen Talks

Teen Talks

Equipping your teen for the future
Our topics include:

Emotional Intelligence

Why is EQ four times more important than IQ? Learn how using these skills can change your life for the better.

Mental Health

We help kids discover the strength of a healthy mind and healthy thoughts – we explain to them how their brain really works and the endless power of the human brain.

What's going on in my pants?

This is our general sex talk. In these talks we explain the importance of respecting your body, what sex really is and why you should wait . . .

We discuss the importance of healthy relationships, self-worth and self-love.

You have to play this game

We discuss various struggles which a teenager has to deal with on a daily basis and also how to deal with general life struggles.


Nobody has the right to make you feel as though you are less than what you really are. Nobody has the right to steal your happiness and nobody needs to allow this to happen to them. Through this discussion we help teens discover ways to stand up for themselves and explore the different reasons as to why kids become bullies.
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