Just about everyone has experienced being on a team where people had to take on roles that didn't suit them: an accountant forced to work with people all day, a flanker forced to play hooker, a guitarist filling in on keyboard, a teacher stuck doing paperwork, a spouse who hates the kitchen taking on the role of cook.

What happens to a team when members constantly play "out of position"?

  • First, morale erodes because the team isn't playing up to its capability
  • Then people become resentful.
  • The people working in an area of weakness resent that their best is untapped.
  • And other people on the team who know that they could better fill a mismatched position on the team, resent that their skillsare being overlooked
  • Before long, people become unwilling to work as a team.

When people aren't where they do things well, things don't turn out well.

We aim at ensuring your time with us will be an enriched and joyous experience.

Our passion to make a positive contribution in terms of social skill enrichment, evolved our company from facilitating Personal Growth Workshops to incorporating Corporate Soft Skill Workshops as well as Microsoft Office Software Modules.

Once our clients understand their temperament and its natural behaviors, the training modules are formulated by Helga Olivier to assist inpreparing each of our attendees for a successful future.

At Seeds of Inspiration lifelong learning is encouraged, as the pace of social and technological change necessitates the continuous updating of knowledge and the upgrading of skills.

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