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Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Lynette Beer is one of South Africa’s most inspirational motivational speakers, who presented numerous talks around the globe, with an international public speaking high that was held in Time Square, New York and London. Lynette was one of four directors of a highly successful international group of companies, where she took responsibility for leadership and staff development. In 2007, she received an award for the most innovative business concept. This concept contributed towards phenomenal growth in her company, where after she took their turnover from R25 million to R74 million in a period of three years.

She is also a speaker in high demand in South Africa’s biggest cities including Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and many more. With her unique, humorous presentation style on topics ranging from temperaments, personality styles, leadership development & corporate soft skills amongst others, she helps people reinvent the way they think and discover endless possibilities.

She has been described as fun, incredibly unique, humoristic to die for, creatively innovative, a blessing for everyone, highly energetic, life changing, a discoverer of true human power, an inspirational storyteller and an igniter of the human spirit. She has inspired thousands of people around the globe and brings relevant, real-world wisdom to all types of audiences wanting to improve their results, whilst undergoing constant change. She actively engages with and teaches participants to reach their potential in order to ultimately exceed their own expectations. She is inspirational.

Lynette is all about helping people to change, discover their purpose, being different, unique and inspirational. Lynette can teach any person in just one session how to live a life worth living, how to be what you always wanted and how to obtain a new perspective of your life.

If you or your company want to host a never seen before, life changing event, book Lynette now as your MC, speaker, trainer or entertainer.


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