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Do you know who you are? Do you know who your employees, colleagues, pupils, partners and children are;  
do you understand why they act the way that they do? Understanding the different temperaments and personalities.
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Lynette Beer - Motivational and 
Inspirational Speaker South Africa

Lynette Beer is one of South Africa’s most inspirational motivational speakers on Personal Development and Corporate Growth. Not only does she achieve success in the corporate world, but also in organisations, at fundraising and charity events as well as schools and churches.

Lynette is blessed with the ability to communicate effectively with people of any age group. She succeeds in guiding individuals to discover their true human power and provides them with personal and practical life application tools in her unique entertaining manner. Her amazing sense of humour captures her audiences and makes her great fun to be with. In her workshops she also actively engages with and teaches participants to reach their potential in order to ultimately exceed their own expectations.

Lynette Beer is in high demand as speaker and trainer on a variety of topics that include temperaments, personality styles, leadership, self development, corporate soft skills and dealing with damaged emotions all over South Africa. You can read Lynette’s weekly blogs which she writes as a specialist for Finesse magazine under their “Voelgoed” blogs. She is also a published author of Carpe Diem Media. She excelled in her own career when she won the special Presidential award as Business Woman of the Year from The South African Council for Businesswomen (SACBW) in 2016. Lynette has also been elected as the 2018 National Patron of The South-African Council for Businesswoman.

Where did it all start?

Her speciality, “The Windows to Your Personality” (Personal)/“The Window to Success” (Corporate), is based on a Temperament Model which she utilised as Behavioural Specialist to design her new product. Lynette was one of four directors in a successful international group of sales companies where she was responsible for the marketing of the product as well as the personal development and growth of employees. She implemented her new programme which proved to be a mind blowing success as she took the group’s turnover from R25 million to R63 million and in the end to R74 million over a period of only 3 years! This group was the leader in their industry for 15 consecutive years. 

In 2007 she received an award in her industry for the most innovative and successful business concept which brought about phenomenal growth in the company. As a result she had the privilege to deliver business presentations in London and ended with an all time high in Time Square, New York.

You can book Lynette now as your MC, Speaker or Trainer if you or your company/organisation wish to host a never experienced before, life changing event. She is the ultimate resource for significantly memorable keynote presentations, dynamic, high- content workshops and high-energy motivation.


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