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A definitive meta-analysis of more than one hundred studies compared students who attended a social emotional learning program with students who did not. The data showed impressive improvements amongst students who received the training with reference to their behaviour, their abilities to master calming themselves as well as getting along better with others. They learned more effectively and their scores on academic achievement tests were fourteen percentile points higher than similar students who did not attend a social emotional learning program. Helping children master their relationships and emotions has been proven to make them better learners.

The capacity to be more in control of one’s thoughts, physiology and emotions, can form a type of internal armour which gives children the inner preparedness needed to face challenges as well as capitalise on opportunities in life.

Studies have shown that a child’s social and emotional functioning and behaviour begins to stabilise at around the age of 8, this in turn can determine the state of their behaviour and mental health, and their ability to function successfully later in life.

A Child’s IQ contributes only about 20% to the factors which determine success in later life.
Developing a child’s emotional intelligence plays a key role in raising happy, resilient and well-adjusted kids. What makes EQ4KIDS unique is the fact that it is not only a program which develops the emotional intelligence of children at a very young age, it is also a parental guidance program through which parents can learn exactly what they need to do in order to assist in developing their children’s essential life skills. 

The EQ 4 KIDS program will be presented weekly at your child’s school. Each child will participate in a half hour lesson per week. After each lesson every child will receive a “take-home” product which will assist in helping the child develop the skill they were taught that day. After every lesson an information letter will also be sent home to parents, explaining the importance of the subject that was dealt with in class, as well as information which they can use to develop their parenting skills in order to give their child the full advantage of learning the essential life skills needed for success in life. Parents therefore also get the added benefit of developing themselves to become better equipped in raising their children.

This program will run from FEBRUARY to NOVEMBER
This program is developed for children 3 to 6 years old.
Material will be given in English – Classes can be presented in English or Afrikaans

Franchise Opportunity Available

Franchise Opportunities Available

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